mä, mää, meikä, mie, minä, kaivaa, kaivos, käytävä, louhia, miina, miinoittaa, minun, mun, suihku, ego, minua, minut, myös, sama, täällä


*: What then of the actual fine of thirty minae Socrates proposes? Thirty minae was a large sum, “the equivalent of approximately eight-and-one-half years? wages," according to one recent estimate (Brickhouse and Smith 1988, 227); enough to buy a libary of three thousand philosophy books, if the price of Anaxogoras? book is any guide (26d6-e2).

*: Thirty minas of lapis lazuli in a solid block, two minas each their rims, six kor of oil, the capacity of both.

suositut haut
trunken politique revêtement moist agonie verte