yield suomeksi   myöntää, sato, taipua, tuottaa, väistää, [[antaa]] [[tietä]]


*: God ild [yield] you!

*: The good mother holds me still a child! Good mother is bad mother unto me! A worse were better; yet no worse would I. Heaven yield her for it!

*: Tend me to-night two hours, I ask no more, / And the gods yield you for t.

*: God yield thee, and God thank ye.

*: Vines yield nectar.

*: The wilderness yieldeth food for them and for their children.

: Yield the right of way to pedestrians.

: They refuse to yield to the enemy.

*: Ill make him yield the crown.

*: Shall yield up all their virtue, all their fame.

*: He turned the handle as he spoke, but the door did not yield. We threw ourselves against it. With a crash it burst open, and we almost fell headlong into the room.

: Historically, that security yields a high return.

: Adding 3 and 4 yields a result of 7.

: Indo-European p- yields Germanic f-.

*: I yield it just, said Adam, and submit.

: ux|en|Zucchini plants always seem to produce a high yield of fruit.

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