within suomeksi   sisällä


: ux|en|within his hearing;  within her studio

*: The Rat... lightly stepped into a little boat which the Mole had not observed. It was painted blue outside and white within, and was just the size for two animals; and the Moles whole heart went out to it at once....

: ux|en|within five seconds of breaking the record;  within an inch of falling overboard

*: England struck back with a fine try from Ben Foden and closed to within seven points with three minutes left when Mark Cueto capitalised on a break from replacement Matt Banahan.

: ux|en|Leave here within three days.

*: On October 6, 1927, Warner Bros. released The Jazz Singer, the first sound-synched feature film, prompting a technological shift of unprecedented speed and unstoppable force. Within two years, nearly every studio release was a talkie.

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