upset suomeksi   häiriö, hermostuttaa, järkyttää, järkyttynyt, kaataa, kaatuminen, pahoillaan, poissa tolaltaan, saada pois tolaltaan, sekaisin, sekoittaa, tuohtunut, vatsavaiva, yllätysvoitto


: He was upset when she refused his friendship.

: My children often get upset with their classmates.

: His stomach was upset, so he didnt want to move.

: My late arrival caused the professor considerable upset.

: "collision and upset": impact with another object or an overturn for whatever reason.

*: "Bob, lets cancel the babysitter. With this upset stomach, I cant go out tonight.

*: "Try Pepto-Bismol. Hospital tests prove it relieves upsets. And its great for indigestion or nausea, too!"

: I’m sure the bad news will upset him, but he needs to know.

: Introducing a foreign species can upset the ecological balance.

: The fatty meat upset his stomach.

*: But this argument, which first Anaxagoras and later Eudoxus and certain others used, is very easily upset; for it is not difficult to collect many insuperable objections to such a view.

: Truman upset Dewey in the 1948 US presidential election.

: The carriage upset when the horse bolted.

*: with sail on mast upset

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