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: He needs to regain her trust if he is ever going to win her back.

*: Most take things upon trust.

*: 1671, O ever-failing trust / In mortal strength! — John Milton, Samson Agonistes

*: 1611, Such trust have we through Christ. — Authorised Version, 2 Corinthians iii:4.

: I was out of cash, but the landlady let me have it on trust.

*: O Lord God, thou art my trust from my youth.

*: [I] serve him truly that will put me in trust.

*: Reward them well, if they observe their trust.

: I put the house into my sisters trust.

: We cannot trust anyone who deceives us.

: In God We Trust - written on denominations of US currency

*: I will never trust his word after.

*: He that trusts every one without reserve will at last be deceived.

*: Trust me, you look well.

*: I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face.

*: We trust we have a good conscience.

: I trust you have cleaned your room?

*: Whom, with your power and fortune, sir, you trust, Now to suspect is vain.

*: Merchants were not willing to trust precious cargoes to any custody but that of a man-of-war.

: Merchants and manufacturers trust their customers annually with goods.

*: It is happier sometimes to be cheated than not to trust.

*: [Beguiled] by thee to trust thee from my side.

*: More to know could not be more to trust.

*: I will trust and not be afraid.

*: It is happier sometimes to be cheated than not to trust.

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