transition suomeksi   portti fr, terminaali fr, huomaamatta fr, juohevasti fr, liukua fr, putkeen fr, sujuvasti fr, muutos en, siirtymä en, siirtyminen en, välisoitto en


: The soldier was transitioned from a combat role to a strategic role.

*: Eric told me that after he transitioned, he wanted to learn to fish and all the things his father never taught him.

*: And simply being accepted into one of these programs was not a guarantee that one would be allowed to transition. First, the trans person had to undergo extensive, sometimes indefinite, periods of psychotherapy ...

*: If the transitioning person leaves the family home, there will be moving costs, and costs associated with the acquisition of another home or the renting of an apartment. If the non-transitioning spouse leaves the family home, ...

*: After he transitioned, he changed jobs so he could go stealth, hoping that no one would discover he was once a woman.

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