track suomeksi   uloste, ääniraita, jalanjälki, jäljittää, jalkapohja, kenttä, kulku-ura, polku, raideleveys, rata, seurata, syöttö, varjostaa, yleisurheilu


*: small tracks of ground

: ux|en|Im going to try out for track next week.

: We will track the raven population over the next six months.

: Agent Miles has been tracking the terrorist since Madrid.

: My height tracks my fathers at my age, so I might end up as tall as him.

: The camera tracked the ball even as the field of play moved back and forth, keeping the action in shot the entire time.

: The hurricane tracked further west than expected.

: My uncle spent all day tracking the deer, whose hoofprints were clear in the mud.

: I tracked Joe to his friends bedroom, where he had spent the night.

: In winter, my cat tracks mud all over the house.

: Lil Kyle is gonna track with that DJ next week.

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