tender suomeksi   aristava, arka, emälaiva, esittää, hellä, maksuväline, murea, tarjota, tarjous, tenderi, yhteysvene


*: ...poore Lord, ist I
That cha?e thee from thy Countrie, and expo?e
Tho?e tender limbes of thine...

*: Be careful: that area is tender.

: ux|en|tender plants; tender flesh; tender fruit

*: the tender and delicate woman among you

*: The Matrix is telling my brain this steak is tender, succulent, and juicy.

*: Our bodies are not naturally more tender than our faces.

: ux|en|Suzanne was such a tender and sweet mother to her children.

*: The Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.

*: You, that are thus so tender oer his follies, / Will never do him good.

*: I am choleric by my nature, and tender by my temper.

: ux|en|tender expressions; tender expostulations; a tender strain

: ux|en|a tender subject

*: Things that are tender and unpleasing.

*: I love Valentine, / Whose lifes as tender to me as my soul!

*: tender of property

*: The civil authority should be tender of the honour of God and religion.

*: To such as are wealthy, live plenteously, at ease, […] these viands are to be forborne, if they be inclined to, or suspect melancholy, as they tender their healths […].

*: Putnam Fadeless Dyes will not injure any material. Boiling water does tender some materials. […] Also, silk fibers are very tender when wet and care should be take not to boil them too vigorously.

*: And ?o good Capulet, which name I tender
As dearely as my owne, be ?atisfied.

*: Thou makest some tender of my life / In this fair rescue thou hast brought to me.

: ux|en|submarine tender

: ux|en|destroyer tender

: ux|en|to tender one’s resignation

*: You see how all conditions, how all minds, ... tender down / Their services to Lord Timon.

*: I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.

: ux|en|In business law, a tender offer is an invitation to shareholders of a corporation to tender, or exchange, their shares in return for a monetary buy-out.

: ux|en|Your credit card has been declined so you need to provide some other tender such as cash.

: ux|en|We will submit our tender to you within the week.

*: [...] if she should make tender of her love, tis very possible hell scorn it; for the man,—as you know all,—hath a contemptible spirit.

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