survey suomeksi   kartoitus, katsastaa, katsaus, katselmus, maanmittaus, määrittää, tarkastaa, tarkastella, tarkastus, tarkkailla, yleiskatsaus, yleissilmäys


*: Under his proud survey the city lies.

: A survey of the stores of a ship; a survey of roads and bridges; a survey of buildings.

: The local council conducted a survey of its residents to help it decide whether to go ahead with the roadside waste collection service.

: I just filled out that survey on roadside waste pick-up.

: The owners of the adjoining plots had conflicting surveys.

*: Round he surveys and well might, where he stood, So high above.

*: With such altered looks, . . . All pale and speechless, he surveyed me round.

: rfquotek|Jacob (Law Dict.)

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