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*: [[the|Þe]] [[thirty-ninth|.xxxix.]] Osoman, cert, His surname was: [[hardy|hardi]] of [[heart|hert]].

*: Barsabas (whose syrname was Iustus).

*: My sirname is Peace-Maker, one that is but [[poorly|poorely]] regarded in England.

*: To his sur-name Coriolanus [[belongs|longs]] more pride
Then [[pity|pitty]] to our Prayers.

*: In the name of the Lord, to whom the surname [toname in the 1382 ed.] is God of Israel.

*: I have before declared that Baal was the Sun, and Baal Peor, a sirname, from a particular place of his worship.

*: [[that|Þat]] is [[not|no?t]] [[reasonable|reisonable]] [[refuse|refusy]] my [[sires|syres]] sorname.

*: In late [[years|yeeres]] Surnames have [[been]]e given for Christian names among [[us|vs]], and no where else in [[Christendom]].

*: The Norman Conquest...brought with it the novelty of family nomenclature, that is to say, the use of hereditary surnames.

*: [[the|Þe]] thred [[Herod|herrod]] had [[also|alsua]] til his suornome agrippa.

*: The surnam and [[nearest|nerrest]] of [[blood|blude]] to the said Williame.

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