support suomeksi   kainalosauva, tuki, lavaste, pönkä, pönkittää, potkuri, proppi, tukea, kannattaa, kantaja, sulkeuma, kannattaja


: Dont move that beam! Its a support for the whole platform.

: The government provides support to the arts in several ways.

: Sure they sell the product, but do they provide support?

*: The first mention of wavelets appeared in an appendix to the thesis of A. Haar (1909). One property of the Haar wavelet is that it has compact support, which means that it vanishes outside of a finite interval. Unfortunately, Haar wavelets are not continuously differentiable which somewhat limits their applications.

: If the membership function of a fuzzy set is continuous, then that fuzzy sets support is an open set.

: The new research provides further support for our theory.

: This game has no mouse support.

: Don’t move that beam! It supports the whole platform.

: Sure they sell the product, but do they support it?

: I support France in the World Cup

: The government supports the arts in several ways.

: The testimony is not sufficient to support the charges.

: The evidence will not support the statements or allegations.

*: to urge such arguments, as though they were sufficient to support and demonstrate a whole scheme of moral philosophy

: The IT Department supports the research organization, but not the sales force.

: I dont make decisions: I just support those who do.

: Early personal computers did not support voice-recognition hardware or software.

: I support the administrative activities of the executive branch of the organization

*: This fierce demeanour and his insolence / The patience of a god could not support.

*: For a strong affection such moments are worth supporting, and they will end well; for your advocate is in your lovers heart and speaks her own language...

: to support the character of King Lear

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