supply suomeksi   budjetti en, hankkia en, korvata en, pitää hallussaan en, sijainen en, sijaistaa en, syöttää en, talousarvio en, tarjonta en, tarjota en, täydentää en, täyttää en, toimittaa en, toimitus en, varustaa en, [[toimia]] [[sijaisena]] en, [[tyydyttää]] [[kysyntä]] en, [[vastata]] [[kysyntään]] en


: to supply money for the war

: rfquotek|Prior

: to supply a furnace with fuel; to supply soldiers with ammunition

: Rivers are supplied by smaller streams.

*: It was objected against him that he had never experienced love. Whereupon he arose, left the society, and made it a point not to return to it until he considered that he had supplied the defect.

*: Burning ships the banished sun supply.

*: The sun was set, and Vesper, to supply / His absent beams, had lighted up the sky.

: to supply a pulpit

: supply and demand

: A supply of good drinking water is essential.

: to vote supplies

*: His voice was playful and full; his back was bent supply.

*: ... the rain struck on her head as she bent supply to the movements of the pony, while it scrambled up the bank to the sheltering trees. For a couple of miles the path ran through woods alive with the varied voices of the rain, ...

*: She swayed slightly in the gusts, bent supply to them and seemed at one with the force which Straup found so hostile.

*: Grigory hesitantly took her in his arms to kiss her, but she held him off, bent supply backwards and shot a frightened glance at the windows.

*: Theyll see!

*: Let them!

*: Id be ashamed—

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