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: Theres a lot of storage space in the loft.

*: Underground natural gas storages are underground facilities for storing natural gas. At present, there are three types of underground natural gas storages worldwide, which include depleted oil and gas reservoir gas storages, salt-cave gas storages and aquifer storages.

*: Low impact storages included the northern and southern region?s Cooloolabin Dam, Baroon Pocket Dam, Leslie Harrison Dam, Hinze Dam and Little Nerang Dam. Highly impacted storages included central region?s Wivenhoe Dam, Somerset Dam and North Pine Dam (Fig. 2), where TSS concentrations in these central storages wheresic more than double compared to northern and southern storages (Fig. 2A).

: I?d recommend backing up these files to storage before reinstalling the operating system.

*: Secondary storages are used to store system programs (viz; operating system, assembler, interpreter, compiler and so on), data files, software packages and so on.

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