stage suomeksi   esittää, järjestää, lavastaa, näyttämö, pöytä, pysäyttää, vaihe


: ux|en|He is in the recovery stage of his illness.

: ux|en|Completion of an identifiable stage of maintenance such as removing an aircraft engine for repair or storage.

*: Such a polity is suited only to a particular stage in the progress of society.

: ux|en|The band returned to the stage to play an [[encore]].

*: Knights, squires, and steeds must enter on the stage.

*: Lo! Where the stage, the poor, degraded stage, / Holds its warped mirror to a gaping age.

: rfquotek|Wyclif

: ux|en|The stage pulled into town carrying the payroll for the mill and three ladies.

*: a parcel sent you by the stage

*: I went in the sixpenny stage.

: ux|en|a stage of ten miles

*: A stage ... signifies a certain distance on a road.

*: He travelled by gig, with his wife, his favourite horse performing the journey by easy stages.

: ux|en|a 3-stage cascade of a 2nd-order bandpass Butterworth filter

: ux|en|He [[placed]] the [[slide]] on the [[stage]].

: ux|en|How do you get past the flying creatures in the third stage?

*: When we are born, we cry that we are come / To this stage of fools.

*: Music and ethereal mirth / Wherewith the stage of air and earth did ring.

: The local theater group will stage "Pride and Prejudice".

: The salesman’s demonstration of the new cleanser was staged to make it appear highly effective.

: We staged the cars to be ready for the start, then waited for the starter to drop the flag.

: to stage data to be written at a later time

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