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: The used bookshop wouldnt offer much due to the poor shape of the book.

: The vet checked to see what kind of shape the animal was in.

: We exercise to keep in good physical shape.

: He cut a square shape out of the cake.

: What shape shall we use for the cookies? Stars, circles, or diamonds?

*: What if Gods plans and actions do mold the shape of human events?

*: ‘And if Im late for supper theres a dish of macaroni cheese you must put in the oven and a tin of tomatoes to eat with it. And theres a little rhubarb and shape.’

*: The professor never pretended to the academic prerogative of forcing his students into his own channels of reasoning; he entered into and helped shape the discussion but above all he made his men learn to think for themselves and rely upon their own intellectual judgments.

: ux|en|Shape the dough into a pretzel.   For my art project, I plan to shape my clay lump into a bowl.

*: Grace shaped her limbs, and beauty decked her face.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Oft my jealousy / Shapes faults that are not.

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