service suomeksi   alaisuus en, aloitussyöttö en, asepalvelus en, astiasto en, huoltaa en, jumalanpalvelus en, palvella en, reittitaksi en, tuomion lukeminen en, tullimaksu fr, työvuoro fr, velvollisuus fr, astua fr, avustaa fr, hoitaa fr, istua fr, käyttää fr, kohdella fr, kosia fr, kosiskella fr, rihmata fr, saattaa tietoon fr, syöttää fr, tarjoilla fr, tarjota fr, toimia fr, toimittaa fr


: I say I did him a service by ending our relationship - now he can freely pursue his career.

: ux|en|Hair care is a service industry.

: ux|en|This machine provides the name service for the LAN.

: ux|en|Lancelot was at the service of King Arthur.

: ux|en|I did three years in the service before coming here.

: ux|en|She brought out the silver tea service.

: ux|en|The player had four service faults in the set.

: ux|en|The funeral service was touching.

*: He Su?pends on the?e Rea?ons, that Thomas Rue had granted a general Di?charge to Adam Mu?het, who was his Conjunct, and correus debendi, after the alleadged Service, which Di?charged Mu?het, and con?equently Houstoun his Partner.

: ux|en|The service happened yesterday.

*: Pray, do my service to his majesty.

: They service the customer base.

: He is going to service the car.

: He was going to service her.

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