seek suomeksi   etsiä


: ux|en|I seek wisdom.

: ux|en|I seek forgiveness through prayer.

*: Others, tempting him, sought of him a sign.

*: “My, my! It is indeed a long way yet, look you!” said the pleasant woman of whom I sought directions.

: ux|en|I sought my fortune on the goldfields.

*: But persecution sought the lives of men of this character.

*: I can no longer seek fame or glory, nor can I help trying to get rid of my riches, which separate me from my fellow-creatures.

*: Serene, smiling, enigmatic, she faced him with no fear whatever showing in her dark eyes....She put back a truant curl from her forehead where it had sought egress to the world, and looked him full in the face now, drawing a deep breath which caused the round of her bosom to lift the lace at her throat.

: ux|en|When the alarm went off I sought the exit in a panic.

*: Ryght so he sought...towarde Sandewyche where he founde before hym many galyard knyghtes

*: Seek not Bethel, nor enter into Gilgal, and pass not to Beersheba: for Gilgal shall surely go into captivity, and Bethel shall come to nought.

*: Since great Ulysses sought the Phrygian plains

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