section suomeksi   lähi- fr, lähikuppila fr, likimääräinen fr, paikallinen fr, paikallisjuna fr, paikallisosasto fr, paikallisyhdistys fr, paikkakuntalainen fr, luku fr, artikla en, jakaa en, jakso en, jaos en, kappale en, kohta en, leikata en, leike en, leikkaus en, lohko en, lohkoa en, pykälä en, sektio en


*: Tribunals were set up as watchdogs in cases of compulsory detention (sectioning). ... Informal patients, however, could be sectioned, and this was often a fear of patients once they were in hospital.

*: The doctor then sectioned her, making her an involuntary patient, and had her moved to a secure ward.

*: After explaining that for 7 years, from ’88 to ’95, I was permanently sectioned under the Mental Health act, robbed of my freedom, my integrity, my rights, I wrote at the time;- ¶ ...

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