scale suomeksi   asteikko, hilse, hilseillä, höylätä, kiivetä, kivuta, kuoria, luokka, mittakaava, pajahilse, sävelasteikko, skaala, skaalata, skaalautua, suomu, suomupanssari, suomustaa, vaaka, vaakakuppi, varsivaaka, [[muuttaa]] [[mittakaavaa]], [[poistaa]] [[hilse]]


: Please rate your experience on a scale from 1 to 10.

: The Holocaust was insanity on an enormous scale.

: There are some who question the scale of our ambitions.

: This map uses a scale of 1:10.

*: Even though precision can be carried to an extreme, the scales which now are drawn in (and usually connected to an appropriate figure by an arrow) will allow derivation of meaningful measurements.

: The magnitude of an earthquake is measured on the open-ended [[Richter scale|Richter scale]].

: the decimal scale; the binary scale

*: There is a certain scale of duties ... which for want of studying in right order, all the world is in confusion.

: We should scale that up by a factor of 10.

: Hilary and Norgay were the first known to have scaled Everest.

*: At last I came to the great barrier-cliffs; and after three days of mad effort--of maniacal effort--I scaled them. I built crude ladders; I wedged sticks in narrow fissures; I chopped toe-holds and finger-holds with my long knife; but at last I scaled them. Near the summit I came upon a huge cavern.

: That architecture wont scale to real-world environments.

*: Scaling his present bearing with his past.

*: Fish that, with their fins and shining scales, / Glide under the green wave.

: Please scale that fish for dinner.

: The dry weather is making my skin scale.

: to scale the inside of a boiler

*: if all the mountains were scaled, and the earth made even

: Some sandstone scales by exposure.

*: Those that cast their shell are the lobster and crab; the old skins are found, but the old shells never; so it is likely that they scale off.

: rfquotek|Totten

: After the long, lazy winter I was afraid to get on the scale.

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