säd suomeksi   graani, jyvä, jyvänen, karva, kide, ootrata, pehmittää, poistaa, rakeistaa, ruokkia, syy p, vilja, esiaste, kylvää, siemen, siemenneste, sperma, säälittävä, surkea, surullinen


*: And thus they strekyn forth into the stremys, many sadde hunderthes.

*: Vprose Sir Guyon, in bright armour clad, / And to his purposd iourney him prepard: / With him the Palmer eke in habit sad, / Him selfe addrest to that aduenture hard...

*: ripe and sad courage

*: which treaty was wisely handled by sad and discrete counsel of both parties

*: Sad tipsy fellows, both of them.

*: this is either used crude, and called Sulphur Vive, and is of a sadder colour; or after depuration, such as we have in magdeleons of rolls, of a lighter yellow.

*: sad-coloured clothes

*: Woad, or wade, is used by the dyers to lay the foundation of all sad colours.

: ux|en|She gets sad when hes away.

*: First were we sad, fearing you would not come; / Now sadder, that you come so unprovided.

*: The angelic guards ascended, mute and sad.

: ux|en|The puppy had a sad little face.

: ux|en|Its a sad fact that most rapes go unreported.

*: The Great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad, / For all their wars are merry and all their songs are sad.

: ux|en|Thats the saddest-looking pickup truck Ive ever seen.

*: Heaven knows what cash he got, or blood he spilt, / A sad old fellow was he, if you pleasenb....

: ux|en|I cant believe you use drugs; youre so sad!

: sad bread

*: his hand, more sad than lump of lead

*: Chalky lands are naturally cold and sad.

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