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: For catching the thief, youll get a nice reward.

: The rewards for bringing in badly wanted criminals are printed on dead or alive posters

: Is this the reward I get for telling the truth: to be put in jail?

*: Thenne syr Marhaus departed and within two dayes his damoysel brought hym where as was a grete tornement that the lady de Vawse has cryed /.../ And there syr Marhaus dyd so nobly that he was renomed / & had somtyme doune fourty knyghtes / and soo the serklet of gold was rewarded hym

*: Thou hast rewarded me good, whereas I have rewarded thee evil.

: ux|en|Why are you rewarding the child for misbehaving?

: ux|en|Decorations are meant to reward the most meritous acts and services.

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