reverse suomeksi  


: We ate the meal in reverse order, starting with dessert and ending with the starter.

: The mirror showed us a reverse view of the scene.

: He selected reverse gear.

*: He found the sea diverse / With many a windy storm reverse.

: a reverse shell

*: they three smote hym at onys with their spearys, and with fors of themselff they smote Sir Launcelottis horse revers to the erthe.

*: The man was killed to feed his image fat / Within this pictured world that ran reverse, / Where miracles alone were ever plain.

: We believed the Chinese werent ready for us. In fact, the reverse was true.

*: By a reverse of fortune, Stephen becomes rich.

*: In fact, though the Russians did not yet know it, the British had met with a reverse.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: A pyramid reversed may stand upon his point if balanced by admirable skill.

*: Reverse the doom of death.

*: She reversed the conduct of the celebrated vicar of Bray.

*: Bene they all dead, and laide in dolefull herse? / Or doen they onely sleepe, and shall againe reuerse?

*: And that old dame said many an idle verse, / Out of her daughters heart fond fancies to reverse.

*: And to his fresh remembrance did reverse / The ugly view of his deformed crimes.

: to reverse a judgment, sentence, or decree

*: These can divide, and these reverse, the state.

*: Custom ... reverses even the distinctions of good and evil.

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