retrieve suomeksi   korjata, muistaa, noutaa, palauttaa mieleensä, palautus, pelastaa, pelastus, [[hankkia]] [[takaisin]], [[saada]] [[takaisin]]


: to retrieve ones character or independence; to retrieve a thrown ball

*: With late repentance now they would retrieve / The bodies they forsook, and wish to live.

*: to retrieve them from their cold, trivial conceits

: The cook doesnt care whats shot, only whats actually retrieved.

: Dog breeds called retrievers were selected for retrieving.

: Most dogs love retrieving, regardless of what object is thrown.

*: Accept my sorrow, and retrieve my fall.

*: There is much to be done ... and much to be retrieved.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: rfquotek|Nares

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