resume suomeksi   abstrahoida, abstrakti, abstraktio, aineellistuma, erillinen, eristää, erottaa, käsite, poissaoleva, poistaa, puhaltaa, teoreettinen, tiivistää, tiivistelmä, tuumia, uute, uuttaa, vaikeaselkoinen, vetää, vetäytyä, yleinen, synopsis, yhteenveto, ääriviiva, hahmotella, hahmotelma, juoni, suuntaviivat p, vetää yhteen, yleiskuvaus, lyhennelmä, lyhyt, pika-, summittainen, tiivistetty, aloittaa uudelleen, jatkaa, yleiskatsaus, malliesimerkki, ruumiillistuma


*: On one occasion Mrs. Val Gwepton, who was not blessed with the most reposeful of temperaments, fairly let herself go, and gave Mrs. Pentherby a vivid and truthful résumé of her opinion of her.

*: A résumé of diagnostic characters of the five families represented in Australia is also given, and a list of the 19 genera described from Australia is included

*: However, a brief résumé of recent weddings, royal and otherwise, reveals that Edward and Sophies big day could be in danger of being badly out of step.

*: It was this piffling résumé that accompanied me to Auckland, where I hoped to get a foot in with the city?s biggest ‘nonprofessional’ theatre group, the New Independent.

*: Résumés have a particular structure that you should follow – it?s what you say in it that makes yours stand out from the rest.

*: A well written CV (Curriculum Vitae) or résumé is the most important document when looking for a job, your first opportunity to present yourself and it can open or close the door to an interview.

*: The match between Stiegler and Xanadu was doubly unlikely; not only was Stiegler happily unemployed, but the Xanadu programmers did not seem to place high value on management personnel. As Stiegler tells it, the original plan during the first days at Autodesk was to get somebody with a good résumé and stick him in a closet until somebody from Autodesk came to visit, at which point the obedient manager could be trotted out to prove that the hackers were under control. This was hardly Stieglers style.

*: For after that initiation it was impossible to attach any profound importance to the notion of dying. All individual deaths had been resumed by the death of God!

*: He [...] used to say that each separate death had taught him something new about death, and that he was going to resume this knowledge in a philosophic essay about dying.

: We will resume this discussion tomorrow at nine.

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