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: ux|en|He removed the marbles from the bag.

*: Thou shalt not remove thy neighbours landmark.

*: Die had she rather in tormenting griefe, / Then any should of falsenesse her reproue, / Or loosenesse, that she lightly did remoue.

*: THenne the kynge dyd doo calle syre Gawayne / syre Borce / syr Lyonel and syre Bedewere / and commaunded them to goo strayte to syre Lucius / and saye ye to hym that hastely he remeue oute of my land / And yf he wil not / bydde hym make hym redy to bataylle and not distresse the poure peple

*: Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane.

*: Now my life began to be so easy that I began to say to myself that could I but have been safe from more savages, I cared not if I was never to remove from the place where I lived.

*: Shortly after this, my father removed, and settled in the same county, about ten miles above Greenville.

: ux|en|The President removed many postmasters.

*: This place should be at once both school and university, not needing a remove to any other house of scholarship.

*: And drags at each remove a lengthening chain.

*: A freeholder is but one remove from a legislator.

*: It is an English proverb that three removes are as bad as a fire.

: rfquotek|Jonathan Swift

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