regard suomeksi   käsitys fr, katsoa fr, kuva fr, nähdä fr, näkemys fr, näköala fr, näkökulma fr, näköpiiri fr, näkymä fr, oletus fr, tarkoitus fr, vilkaista fr, arvostaa en, huomioida en, huomiointi en, katsella en, kiinnittää huomiota en, koskea en, olla [[jonkin]] [[puolella]] en, ottaa huomioon en, suhde en, yksityiskohta en, [[olla]] [[johonkin]] [[päin]] en, [[pitää]] [[jonakin]] en, etsiä fr, ilme fr, katsominen fr, näyttää fr, odottaa fr, sijaita fr, ulkonäkö fr, vaikuttaa fr


*: He bathed in the memory of her blondness, of her warm blue regard, and the sentiment permeated his sensibility with tenderness made the more rich because its object was someone long since dead.

*: This attempt will be made with every regard to the difficulty of the undertaking[...].

*: We are spending a lot of money trying to put this mine in shape; we are anxious to comply with the wishes of your office in every regard [...].

*: These problems were not traditional problems with realistic stimuli, but rather were realistic in every regard.

: He is held in great regard in Whitehall.

*: There was a Judge in a certaine cite, which feared not god nether regarded man.

: She regarded us warily.

: I always regarded tabloid journalism as a social evil.

: He regards honesty as a duty.

*: Your niece regards me with an eye of favour.

*: His associates seem to have regarded him with kindness.

*: If much you note him, / You offend him; ... feed, and regard him not.

*: It is a peninsula, which regardeth the main land.

*: that exceedingly beautiful seat of my Lord Pembroke, on the ascent of a hill, flanked with wood, and regarding the river

: That argument does not regard the question.

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