rather suomeksi   aika, melko, mieluummin, pikemminkin, tarkemmin sanottuna, vaan


*: Firstly, I continue to base most species treatments on personally collected material, rather than on herbarium plants.

: ux|en|Id rather stay in all day than go out with them.   Id like this one rather than the other one.   Id rather be with you.

: ux|en|It wasnt supposed to be popular; rather, it was supposed to get the job done.   She didnt go along, but rather went home instead.

*: What the pupil already knew was indeed rather taken for granted than expressed, but it performed the useful function of transcending all textbooks and supplanting all studies.

*: His ‘Iliad’ is spirited and polished, and, though often rather a paraphrase than a translation, is always more truly poetic than most of the best translations.

: ux|en|I didnt want to leave. Or rather I did, just not alone.

: ux|en|This melon is rather tasteless.   This melon is rather tasteless, especially compared to the one we had last time.

*: Until just before the pie was popped into the heat. A few of them suddenly realized who put that gorgeous hunk of crackers together, and gaped. We grinned back, but very cool. The ones who knew said nothing, rathering to die than let on they had been hustled by two negative dudes.

*: It was a plain brown dress, more or less the colour of my hair; and the walls of our kitchen being also brown, when I came downstairs again I could hardly be seen. I should have rathered a blue gown, or a violet one ...

*: So you must excuse my saying anything I did: all it was, that up to the very last I had understood us all to be friendly — apart, that is, from his rathering me not there. How was I to know he would flash out so wicked?

*: "That was a killer," said Chris. "Id rathered die in St. Bernard than spent one minute over there. I would have rathered the storm, shaking with the wind and rain hitting in the boat for an eternity than spending any time there.

*: Now no man dwelleth at the rather town.

*: "Do you mean to say, young man," she said frostily, "that you expect me to drink this stuff?"

*: "Rather! Bucks you up, you know."

*: "Some of us stupid old die-hards believe that there is yet room for pride in ones work, Pook," Mr Pants said with dangerous emphasis.

*: "Oh, rather, sir. Id much sooner walk to London Town than ride in one of those motorcars weve heard tell of, sir."

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