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*: Ill ... get meat to have thee, / Or lose my life in the purchase.

: They offer a free hamburger with the purchase of a drink.

: He was pleased with his latest purchase.

: It is hard to get purchase on a nail without a pry bar or hammer.

: rfquotek|Blackstone

*: that loves the thing he cannot purchase

*: Your accent is something finer than you could purchase in so removed a dwelling.

*: His faults ... hereditary / Rather than purchased.

: to purchase land, to purchase a house

: to purchase favor with flattery

*: One poor retiring minute ... / Would purchase thee a thousand thousand friends.

*: Not tears nor prayers shall purchase out abuses.

: to purchase a cannon

*: Duke John of Brabant purchased greatly that the Earl of Flanders should have his daughter in marriage.

: Many aristocratic refugees portable treasures purchased their safe passage and comfortable exile during the revolution

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