proof suomeksi   koe, koestus, koevedos, todistus


*: But the false Fox most kindly played his part,

*: For whatsoever mother-wit or art

*: Could work he put in proof. No practice sly,

*: No counterpoint of cunning policy,

*: No reach, no breach, that might him profit bring.

*: But he the same did to his purpose wring.

*: France I more praise and love; you are, my lord,

*: Yourself for horsemanship much famed; and there

*: You shall have many proofs to shew your skill.

*: A given quantity of the spirits was poured upon a quantity of gunpowder in a dish and set on fire. If at the end of the combustion, the gunpowder continued dry enough, it took fire and exploded; but if it had been wetted by the water in the spirits, the flame of the alcohol went out without setting the powder on fire. This was called the proof.

*: Ill have some proof.

*: It was a grand sentence of Emanuel Swedenborg, which would alone indicate the greatness of that mans perception, — "It is no proof of a mans understanding to be able to confirm whatever he pleases; but to be able to discern that what is true is true, and that what is false is false, this is the mark and character of intelligence."

*: Faith, faith is an island in the setting sun

*: But proof, yes

*: Proof is the bottom line for everyone

*: But the chaste damzell, that had never priefe / Of such malengine and fine forgerye, / Did easely beleeve her strong extremitye.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: a proof load; a proof charge

: proof against harm

: waterproof; bombproof.

*: And opportunity I here have had / To try thee, sift thee, and confess have found thee / Proof against all temptation as a rock / Of adamant, and, as a centre, firm :

*: This was a good, ?tout proof article of faith, pronounced under an anathema, by the venerable fathers of this philo?ophick ?ynod.

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