prompt suomeksi   vauhdikas, johdatella, kehote, kuiskata, nopea, ripeä, sutjakka, täsmällinen


*: Tell him, I am prompt To lay my Crowne ats feete, and there to kneele.

: He was very prompt at getting a new job.

: Be prompt for your appointment.

*: To cover any probable difference of price which might arise before the expiration of the prompt, which for this article [tea] is three months.

: I filled in my name where the prompt appeared on the computer screen but my account wasnt recognized.

: I prompted him to get a new job.

: If he forgets his words I will prompt him.

*: On October 6, 1927, Warner Bros. released The Jazz Singer, the first sound-synched feature film, prompting a technological shift of unprecedented speed and unstoppable force. Within two years, nearly every studio release was a talkie.

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