promotion suomeksi   asianajo, kannattaminen, kannatus, huippu, kurssi, luokitella, luokka, luokkajako, saapumiserä, tyyli, vuosikurssi, yhteiskuntaluokka, hypettää, hypetys, mainonta, ylimainonta, ylimainostaa, promo, promootio, ylennys


: ux|en|Ill have to give myself a promotion!

: ux|en|The price cut is serving as a promotion of the manufacturers new beverage varieties.

*: By simple promotion and remotion, assisted by some flexure and extension, the distal spines of each would reach and scratch the substratum and, on remotion, sweep coarse particles posteriorly and dorsally.

*: In other arthropods, promotion-remotion of the leg is accomplished at other joints. For example, in spiders promotion-remotion occurs at the coxa-trochanter joint, insects utilize the body-coxa joint, and ...

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