principal suomeksi   rehtori, iso, pää-, pääasiallinen, pääjohto, keulimmainen, alku-, alkuluku, ensi-, ensiluokkainen, ensimmäinen, jaoton, kukoistus, kultakausi, priima, primaarinen, tärkein


: Smith is the principal architect of this design.

: The principal cause of the failure was poor planning.

*: In a word, the Epi?odes of Homer are complete Epi?odes; they are proper to the ?ubject, because they are drawn from the ground of the fable; they are ?o joined to the principal action, that one is the nece??ary con?equence of the other, either truly or probably: and la?tly, they are imperfect members which do not make a complete and fini?hed body; for an Epi?ode that makes a complete action, cannot be part of a principal action; as is e??ential to all Epi?odes.

*: The principal treasure of ths department, however, is the Stele of Hammurabi (1792—1750 B.C.), king of the first Babylonian kingdom, a basalt cylinder 2.25m/7ft 5in. inscribed with Hammurabi?s laws written in Akkadian in cuneiform script.

*: In theory, there are the same number of principal components as there are variables, but in practice, usually only a few of the principal components need to be identified to account for most of the data variance.

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: A portion of your mortgage payment goes to reduce the principal, and the rest covers interest.

*: In March 1902, I find in the statement of liabilities and assets £711 put down as arrears of interest, but there is no entry of arrears of principal.

*: For instance, in some states, dividends that have automatically been reinvested will be treated as principal.

*: If you know the principal amount, the interest rate, and the number of years the payments will be made, you can consult an amortization calculator or schedule to arrive at the monthly payment.

*: The important administrative figure to the teacher is the school principal.

*: The problem was neatly summed up by one principal in Australia who said recently: ‘There is no incentive for me to develop my best teachers to become my successor....

*: Now renamed Teaching Australia, its officers are undertaking exploratory steps in developing professional standards for school leaders. A National Standards Drafting Group of volunteer principals is currently drafting principal standards (Teaching Australia, 2007).

*: Principals are now being held more accountable for the performance of students and teachers, while at the same time they are required to adhere to a growing number of government regulations.

*: Unlike the students, Principal Robertson, who now resided almost alone in the College, continued to use the accistomed route on his visits to the Old Town; and it “became the joke of the day that from being the principal gate it had become only a gate for the Principal.”5

: When an attorney represents a client, the client is the principal who permits the attorney, the client?s agent, to act on the client?s behalf.

*: The firm admitted the amount owed, but averred as an affirmative defense that it had hired the expert as an agent of a disclosed principal, the client.

*: A food broker has been defined as an independent sales agent who performs the services of negotiating the sale of food and/or grocery products for and on account of the seller as principal.

*: An attorney-in-fact has a duty to act solely in yhe interest of the principal and to avoid conflicts of interest.

*: The accessories may be prosecuted, tried and punished, though the principal has not been prosecuted or has been acquitted.

: My principal sells metal shims.

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