post suomeksi   posti, postittaa, rengaspanssari, sähköposti, asettaa, asia, aukio, kämppä, laittaa, laulaa oikein, paikantaa, paikka, paikkakunta, panna, sija, sijoittaa, sijoittua, sjoittua, talot p, tehtävä, äänilevy, äänittää, ennätys, levyttää, merkitä, nauhoittaa, rekisteröidä, tallenne, tallentaa, taltioida, tietue, alkio, artikkeli, eteinen, hakusana, merkintä, pääsy, piiri, saapuminen, sisäänkäynti, sisäänpääsy, sisääntulo, tuulikaappi, kakkosnelonen, lähettää viesti, napa, postata, tolppa, postitoimisto


*: When God sends coin / I will discharge your post.

: Post no bills.

: to post someone for cowardice

*: On pain of being posted to your sorrow / Fail not, at four, to meet me.

*: You have not posted your books these ten years.

*: thoroughly posted up in the politics and literature of the day

: Since Jim was new to the game, he had to post $4 in order to receive a hand.

: a stage or railway post

*: In certain places there be always fresh posts, to carry that further which is brought unto them by the other.

*: I fear my Julia would not deign my lines, / Receiving them from such a worthless post.

*: information was filtered through the counting-houses and warehouses of Antwerp; posts galloped along the roads of the Low Countries, while dispatches streamed through Calais, and were passed off the merchant galleys arriving in London from the Flanders ports.

: sent via post; parcel post

*: I send you the fair copy of the poem on dullness, which I should not care to hazard by the common post.

: Two of the receivers ran post patterns.

*: In post he came.

*: He held office of postmaster, or, as it was then called, post, for several years.

*: Beyond Cologne we descended to the plain of Holland; and we resolved to post the remainder of our way […].

*: Post speedily to my lord your husband.

*: And post oer land and ocean without rest.

: Mail items posted before 7.00pm within the Central Business District and before 5.00pm outside the Central Business District will be delivered the next working day.

: I couldnt figure it out, so I posted a question on the mailing list.

*: In this posture were affairs at the inn when a gentleman arrived there post.

*: He prided himself on looking neat even when he was riding post.

: Post a sentinel in front of the door.

*: It might be to obtain a ship for a lieutenant, ... or to get him posted.

*: One of the most appealing things for me about Barack Obama has always been that he comes post the post-60s generation.

*: Lew reckons he had three options for the cash-cow which was Premier post the Coles sale.

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