plant suomeksi   asettaa, istuttaa, kasvi, kone, kylvää, lavaste, sijoittaa, ujuttaa


: ux|en|The garden had a couple of trees, and a cluster of colourful plants around the border.

: ux|en|That guns not mine! Its a plant! Ive never seen it before!

*: O’Sullivan risked a plant that went badly astray, splitting the reds.

*: a plant of stubborn oak

*: knotty legs and plants of clay

*: It wasnt a bad plant, that of mine, on Fikey.

: That guns not mine! It was planted there by the real murderer!

: Plant your feet firmly and give the rope a good tug.

: to plant cannon against a fort; to plant a flag; to plant ones feet on solid ground

*: Sarah, she kissed each of her grandparents on the forehead. They were planted in a graveyard behind the church.

: to plant a garden, an orchard, or a forest

*: It engenders choler, planteth anger.

: to plant a colony

*: planting of countries like planting of woods

: to plant Christianity among the heathen

*: We will plant some other in the throne.

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