pattern suomeksi   aihe, alkuperäinen, kuosi, kuvio, malli, originaali


*: There is no reason why all colleges and universities should be cut to the same pattern.

*: The Platonic Socrates was a pattern to subsequent philosophers for many ages.

: There were no files matching the pattern *.txt.

*: On my way to work the other day, I stopped at a church in Rome and saw a painting of the Madonna. The subtle pattern of blues and golds in the embroidery of her dress was so amazing that I used it to design a new evening dress for my haute couture.

*: He lifted the entire joint or fowl up into the air, speared on a carving fork, and sliced pieces off it so that they fell on the plate below in perfectly organised patterns.

*: The three killings pointed to an ugly new shift in the enduring pattern of violence in Northern Ireland: the mostly Protestant Ulster police, or those suspected of affiliation with them, have become more prominent targets for the I.R.A. than the British troops.

*: Look again at how the US and its allies behaved then, and the pattern is unmistakable.

*: [A temple] patterned from that which Adam reared in Paradise.

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