offer suomeksi   asettaa käyttöön, ehdottaa, tarjota, tarjous, uhrata, uhraus, uhrautua, uhrautuminen, uhri, uhrilahja, kuolonuhri


: ux|en|Whats in his offer?

: ux|en|His offer was $3.50 per share.

: ux|en|His first letter was not a real offer, but an attempt to determine interest.

*: Thou shalt offer every day a bullock for a sin offering for atonement.

*: The next stage is to remove and replace the top part of the right side lip, and offer the lid to the car to ensure all the shapes and gaps are okay.

: ux|en|She offered to help with her homework.

: ux|en|Everybody offered an opinion.

: ux|en|He offered use of his car for the week.  nowrap|He offered his good will for the Councilmans vote.

*: Carried somehow, somewhither, for some reason, on these surging floods, were these travelers,nb.... Even such a boat as the Mount Vernon offered a total deck space so cramped as to leave secrecy or privacy well out of the question, even had the motley and democratic assemblage of passengers been disposed to accord either.

: ux|en|I offered twenty dollars for it.  nowrap|The company is offering a salary of £30,000 a year.

*: The occasion offers, and the youth complies.

*: The opportunity, however, did not offer till next morning, for Phoebe did not come to bed till long after I was gone to sleep.

*: I will not offer at that I cannot master.

*: He would be offering at the shepherds voice.

*: without offering at any other remedy

: ux|en|to offer violence to somebody

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