odd suomeksi   kummallinen, noin, omituinen, outo, pariton, satunnainen, suunnilleen


: ux|en|Optimistically, he had a corner of a drawer for odd socks.

: ux|en|She slept in, which was very odd.

: ux|en|but for the odd exception

*: I assure you, if I were Hazlewood I should look on his compliments, his bowings, his cloakings, his shawlings, and his handings with some little suspicion; and truly I think Hazlewood does so too at some odd times.

: ux|en|Im the odd one out.

: ux|en|Hes only worked odd jobs.

: ux|en|There were thirty-odd people in the room.

: ux|en|The product of odd numbers is also odd.

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