obtain suomeksi   hankkia, olla, olla olemassa, pitää hallussaan


*: And a certayne ruler axed him: sayinge: Goode Master: what ought I to do, to obtaine eternall lyfe?

*: Julia was quite as eager for novelty and pleasure as Maria, though she might not have struggled through so much to obtain them, and could better bear a subordinate situation.

*: he was condemned to die for the felony, and being so well known for an old offender, had certainly died, but the merchant, upon his earnest application, had obtained that he should be transported, on condition that he restored all the rest of his bills, which he had done accordingly.

*: “O daughter deare!” (said she) “despeire no whit; / For never sore but might a salve obtain [...].”

*: This, though it failed at present, yet afterward obtained, and was a mighty step to the ruin of the commonwealth.

*: His mother then is mortal, but his Sire / He who obtains the monarchy of Heavn, / And what will he not do to advance his Son?

*: Even though the Pervaise confession had never come to light, no reasonable doubt could obtain; for the act in question ... was on a par with countless other acts committed by the oligarchs, and, before them, by the capitalists.

*: But the hostage situation no longer obtains, and so Uncle Enzo feels it important to stop Rife now, ...

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