obligation suomeksi   debentuuri fr, velkakirja fr, velkatodistus fr, täytyy fr, tullimaksu fr, työvuoro fr, velvollisuus fr, sitoumus en, sitoutuminen en, kahle fr, kahlehtia fr, kiinnittää fr, kiinnityskirja fr, liitos fr, muodostaa fr, side fr, sidos fr, sitoa fr, sitoutua fr


: X shall be entitled to subcontract its obligation to provide the Support Services. <>

*: The Pupil after his Pupillarity, had granted a Di?charge to one of the Co-tutors, which did extingui?h the whole Debt of that Co-tutor, and con?equently of all the re?t, they being all correi debendi, lyable by one individual Obligation, which cannot be Di?charged as to one, and ?tand as to all the re?t.

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