need suomeksi   tarve, tarvita, täytyä


: ux|en|Theres no need to speculate; we can easily find out for sure.

: ux|en|She grew irritated with his constant need for attention.

: ux|en|Our needs are not being met.

*: I have no need to beg.

*: Be governed by your needs, not by your fancy.

: ux|en|Ive always tried to have few needs beyond food, clothing and shelter.

*: Famine is in thy cheeks; / Need and oppression starveth in thine eyes.

*: More ample spirit, then hitherto was wount, / Here needes me....

: ux|en|Living things need water to survive.

: ux|en|After ten days of hiking, I needed a shower and a shave.

: ux|en|You need not go if you dont want to.

*: When we have done it, we have done all that is in our power, and all that needs.

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