monitor suomeksi   järjestäjä, monitori, näyttö, näyttöpääte, tarkkailija, tarkkailla, vahtia, valvoa, valvoja


: The camp monitors look after the children during the night, when the teachers are asleep.

*: And oft, mild friend, to me thou art

*: A monitor, though still;

*: Thou speakst a lesson to my heart,

*: Beyond the preachers skill.

: The information flashed up on the monitor.

: a machine code monitor

*: So, as she did not like the masters to be prying about the play-ground out of school, she chose from among the biggest and most trustworthy of her pupils five monitors, who had authority over the rest of the Boys, and kept the unruly ones in order.

*: But it was not so—at least, not always—for though they fell out among themselves, they united their forces against the common enemy—the monitors!

*: You need not be a monitor to the king.

*: Monitoring refers to keeping a watch over patients to ensure that they are practising what they have learnt about disability prevention correctly.

*: During July 1989-February 1990 ambient SO2, was monitored using a mobile station in the residential-commercial neighborhood of Copacabana.

*: A wide-area distributed system such as a Grid requires that a broad range of data be monitored and collected for a variety of tasks such as fault detection and performance monitoring, analysis, prediction and tuning.

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