mention suomeksi   maininta en, mainita en, viitata en, arvio fr, arvosana fr, arvostella fr, aste fr, huolitella fr, jyrkkyys fr, laatu fr, luiska fr, luokka fr, maanpinta fr, raastaminen fr, taso fr, tasoittaa fr, [[parafyleettinen]] [[ryhmä]] fr


*: I will make mention of thy righteousness.

*: And sleep in dull, cold marble, where no mention / Of me more must be heard of.

*: I can illustrate this by mentioning the word lead. Now you have no way of knowing for sure which meaning I have in mind until I give it some context by using it in a sentence.

*: If the verbatimness view derives from the popular notion that DST repeats the actual words spoken, a second line of thought takes its cue from Quines (1940: 23–26, 1960: 146–156) philosophical distinction between words which are “used” vs. words which are merely “mentioned”.

*: If I said rightly, “Niggers is a seven letter word,” I would be mentioning the word, and when we write it, we use mention-quotes for this purpose (speech typically lacks quotes, except for the occasional air-quotes). If I said, rightly or wrongly, “Niggers are good athletes,” then I would be using “niggers,” not merely mentioning it.

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