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: ux|en|Fancy meeting you here!  Guess who I met at the supermarket today?

: ux|en|Lets meet at the station at 9 oclock.  Shall we meet at 8 p.m in our favorite chatroom?

: ux|en|Im pleased to meet you!  Id like you to meet a colleague of mine.

: ux|en|I met my husband through a mutual friend at a party. It wasnt love at first sight; in fact, we couldnt stand each other at first!

*: Captain Edward Carlisle...felt a curious sensation of helplessness seize upon him as he met her steady gaze,nb...; he could not tell what this prisoner might do. He cursed the fate which had assigned such a duty, cursed especially that fate which forced a gallant soldier to meet so superb a woman as this under handicap so hard.

: ux|en|I met with them several times.  The government ministers met today to start the negotiations.

*: At half-past nine on this Saturday evening, the parlour of the Salutation Inn, High Holborn, contained most of its customary visitors....In former days every tavern of repute kept such a room for its own select circle, a club, or society, of habitués, who met every evening, for a pipe and a cheerful glass.

*: Sir said Epynegrys is þt the rule of yow arraunt knyghtes for to make a knyght to Iuste will he or nyll / As for that sayd Dynadan make the redy / for here is for me / And there with al they spored theyr horses & mett to gyders soo hard that Epynegrys smote doune sir Dynadan

*: Weapons more violent, when next we meet, / May serve to better us and worse our foes.

: ux|en|England and Holland will meet in the final.

: ux|en|The two streets meet at a crossroad half a mile away.

*: Captain Edward Carlisle, soldier as he was, martinet as he was, felt a curious sensation of helplessness seize upon him as he met her steady gaze, her alluring smile; he could not tell what this prisoner nowrap|might do.

: ux|en|The right wing of the car met the column in the garage, leaving a dent.

: ux|en|The carpet meets the wall at this side of the room. The forest meets the sea along this part of the coast.

: ux|en|This proposal meets my requirements.  The company agrees to meet the cost of any repairs.

: ux|en|The eye met a horrid sight.  He met his fate.

*: Of vice or virtue, whether blest or curst, / Which meets contempt, or which compassion first.

: OK, lets arrange a meet with Tyler and ask him.

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