lose suomeksi   hävitä, menettää, ampua, avara, epäsiveellinen, huolimaton, irrottaa, irti, irtonainen, löyhä, löyhätapainen, löysä, löysätä, rento, sulava, väljä, vapauttaa, [[päästää]] [[irti]], epäjohdonmukainen, epäyhtenäinen, ristiriitainen, höllä, holtiton, piittaamaton


: ux|en|If you lose that ten-pound note, youll be sorry.

: ux|en|He lost his hearing in the explosion.

: ux|en|She lost her position when the company was taken over.

: I lost my way in the forest.

*: He hath lost his fellows.

: ux|en|Johnny lost a tooth, but kept it for the tooth fairy.

: ux|en|He lost his spleen in a car wreck.

: ux|en|We lost the football match.

*: I fought the battle bravely which I lost, / And lost it but to Macedonians.

: ux|en|I’ve lost five pounds this week.

: ux|en|She lost all her sons in the war.

: ux|en|The policeman lost the robber he was chasing.

: ux|en|Mission control lost the satellite as its signal died down.

: ux|en|We managed to lose our pursuers in the forest.

: ux|en|When we get into the building, please lose the hat.

: ux|en|My watch loses five minutes a week.

: ux|en|Its already 5:30? My watch must have lost a few minutes.

*: O false heart! thou hadst almost betrayed me to eternal flames, and lost me this glory.

*: This lost Catholicism ... any semblance of a claim to special status, and also highlighted the gains which other religious formations had derived from the Revolution.

: I lost a part of what he said.

*: How should you go about to lose him a wife he loves with so much passion?

*: That much he feared least reprochfull blame / With foule dishonour him mote blot therefore; / Besides the losse of so much loos and fame […].

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