issue suomeksi   lähteä fr, lähtö fr, poistua fr, uloskäynti fr, ulospääsy fr, [[mennä]] [[ulos]] fr, annostella en, antaa en, anti en, asia en, jakaa en, jälkeläinen en, jälkikasvu en, juttu en, kertyä en, kysymys en, lähdettäminen en, lähettäminen en, laskea liikkeelle en, liikkeeseenlaskeminen en, liittyä en, lopputulos en, ongelma en, poistaminen en, poistuminen en, tuotto en, vaihtoehto en, virrata en, vuodattaminen en, vuoto en, yhtyä en, [[rynnätä]] [[ulos]] en, [[tulla]] [[ulos]] en, [[virrata]] [[ulos]] en, aukko fr, laskujoki fr, liike fr, luukku fr, pistorasia fr


*: Why had I not with charitable hand

*: Took up a beggars issue at my gates

*: How if there were no centre at all, but just one alley after another, and the whole world a labyrinth without end or issue?

*: Come forth to view / The issue of the exploit.

*: While it is hot, Ill put it to the issue.

: He has issues.

: The July issue of the magazine is in shops now.

*: There was a very light off-shore wind and scarcely any breakers, so that the approach to the shore was continued without finding bottom; yet though we were already quite close, we saw no indication of any indention in the coast from which even a tiny brooklet might issue, and certainly no mouth of a large river such as this must necessarily be to freshen the ocean even two hundred yards from shore.

*: A powerful current of warm breath issued at regular intervals from the profound cavity of his mouth while in rhythmic resonance the loud strong hale reverberations of his formidable heart thundered rumblingly...

*: thy sons that shall issue from thee

*: But, for Livy, Roman patriotism is overriding, and this issues, of course, in an antiquarian attention to the citys origins.

*: Five minutes later, Southampton tried to mount their first attack, but Wickham sabotaged the move by tripping the rampaging Nathaniel Clyne, prompting the referee, Andre Marriner, to issue a yellow card. That was a lone blemish on an otherwise tidy start by Poyet’s team – until, that is, the 12th minute, when Vergini produced a candidate for the most ludicrous own goal in Premier League history.

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