interface suomeksi   käyttäjäliittymä, käyttöliittymä, liittymäkohta, rajapinta, yhteys, yhtymäkohta


: Public relations firms often serve as the interface between a company and the press.

: If water and oil are mixed together, they tend to separate, and at equilibrium they are in different strata with an oil-water interface in between.

: The surface of a lake is a water-air interface.

: The data is sent over the air interface to the remote system.

: The options are selected via the user interface.

: This interface is implemented by several Java classes.

: Traits are somewhat between an interface and a mixin, as an interface contains only method signatures, while a trait includes also the full method definitions; on the other side mixins include method definitions, but they can also carry state through attributes, while traits usually dont.

: The Audio and Video classes both implement the IPlayable interface.

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