hint suomeksi   aavistus, hitunen, vihjaista, vihjata, vihje


: ux|en|I needed a hint to complete the crossword.

: ux|en|He gave me a hint that my breath smelt.

: ux|en|There was a hint of irony in his voice.

: ux|en|I could taste a hint of lemon in the wine.

: ux|en|This font does not scale well; at small point sizes it has no hinting at all, and the hints that it has for the 10- and 12-point letter g still need work.

*: I, not remembering how I cried out then, / Will cry it oer again: it is a hint / That wrings mine eyes tot.

: She hinted at the possibility of a recount of the votes.

: to hint a suspicion

*: Just hint a fault and hesitate dislike.

: The typographer worked all day on hinting her new font so it would look good on computer screens.

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