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*: The pronominal declension [of English], on which we will focus most of our attention, inflects pronouns for person, number, case, gender, animacy, and reflexivity.

*: Pronouns, for instance, are structures that organise information about continuous referents. This information is typically categorised in Romani according to Person, Number, Gender, Animacy, Case, and Discreteness.

*: To understand this title one needs to know that, in his brief description of gender in Algonquian, Bloomfield (1946:94) listed various exceptional animates including raspberry but not strawberry.

*: ...

*: In Algonquian languages, given the full morphology of a noun, one can predict whether it belongs to the animate or inanimate gender ...

*: The common gender might well reflect an IE animate gender.

*: 143. [...] We have now to speak of the following eight particulars relating to verbs: Gender or Sort, Person, Number, Time, Mode, Participle, Gerund, and Supine. [...]

*: 1st.--Of the Gender.

*: 144. Gender means the same as sort or kind. There are four principal Sorts of Verbs; namely, Active verbs, Passive verbs, Neuter verbs, and Impersonal verbs.

*: Many of the words quoted are purely reflexive, others passive or deponent. Such words as óttask, œðrask, dásk, iðrask, reiðask are deponent, though they originally may have been reflexive, but the active gender is here quite obsolete.

*: The general distinction is between three genders out of the five genders of the Latin tradition: active gender, passive gender, neuter gender.

: the trait is found in both genders

: The effect of the medication is dependent upon age, gender, and other factors.

*: One wife I met at a conference was in a hurry for her husband to have the genital surgery because she worried about his gender and genitals not matching if he were in a car accident, ...

*: Thomas Beatie, a transgendered man, announced in an April 2008 issue of the gay and lesbian news magazine, The Advocate, that he was pregnant. ... Moreover, he saw no conflict between his gender and his pregnancy.

*: Intersex people too challenge the idea that physical sex, not merely gender, is binary – a person must be definitively either one sex or the other.

*: The annals of colonial history offer relatively few such encounters between women, and it may be that gender has created here a marginal space in which something like an actual dialogue is possible between British and Sudanese.

*: Gender does not necessarily have primacy in this respect. Economic class and ethnic differentiation can also be important relational hierarchies, .... But these other differentiations are always also gendered, and in turn they help construct what is a man or a woman in any given circumstance. So while gender is binary, its components have varied expressions.

*: Even with some adamant processualists, however, gender has made inroads.

*: ...plant nettles or sow lettuce, set hyssop and weed up thyme, supply it with one gender of herbs or distract it with many...

*: In an interview, he even noted that he "dressed, acted and thought like a man" for years, but his coworkers continued to gender him as female (Shaver 1995, 2).

*: At the same time, however, the convictions they held about how a woman or man might write led them to interpret their findings in a rather androcentric fashion, and to gender the text accordingly.

*: Yet because texts by “female authors” are not dependent on the voice to gender the text, the topics that they address and the traditions that they employ seem broader and somewhat less constrained by gender stereotypes.

*: Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.

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