focus suomeksi   fokus, keskittyä, keskittyminen, leikkauspiste, polttopiste, tarkentaa


: ux|en|The heat of sunlight at the focus of a magnifying glass can easily set dry leaves on fire.

: ux|en|Unfortunately, the license plate is out of focus in this image.

: ux|en|During this scene, the boy’s face shifts subtly from soft focus into sharp focus.

: ux|en|I believe I can bring the high degree of focus required for this important job.

: ux|en|The earthquakes focus was at exactly 37 degrees north, 18 degrees south, seventy five meters below the ground.

: ux|en|Text entered at the keyboard or pasted from a clipboard is sent to the component which currently has the focus.

: Youll need to focus the microscope carefully in order to capture the full detail of this surface.

: Focus on passing the test.

: If youre going to beat your competitors, you need to focus.

: The text box wont receive the users keystrokes unless you explicitly focus it.

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