figure suomeksi   figuuri, hahmo, hoksata, keksiä, kuva, kuvio, luku, muoto, numero, tajuta, vartalo, etupuoli, eturinne, etuseinä, ilme, julkikuva, julkisivu, kasvot, kohdata, kuvapuoli, leveys, lyöntipinta, naama, otsa, päivänvalo p, tahko, taho, turpa, uhka, kuvaannollinen


: a figure in bronze; a figure cut in marble

*: a coin that bears the figure of an angel

: He cut a sorry figure standing there in the rain.

*: I made some figure there.

*: gentlemen of the best figure in the county

*: that he may live in figure and indulgence

*: Flowers have all exquisite figures.

: The muslin was of a pretty figure.

*: to represent the imagination under the figure of a wing

: rfquotek|Johnson

: rfquotek|Grove

: I cant figure if hes telling the truth or lying.

*: If love, alas! be pain I bear, / No thought can figure, and no tongue declare.

*: The vaulty top of heaven / Figured quite oer with burning meteors.

*: As through a crystal glass the figured hours are seen.

*: whose white vestments figure innocence

*: In this the heaven figures some event.

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